New Promo: Talla 2XLC & Torsten Stenzel – The Wave (Is Coming) York Back To The Roots

Back in 1997 the Media records team from Italy delivered the brilliant tech trance banger The Wave by Sosa. The track was licensed from Tetsuo, the legendary imprint by Talla 2XLC who added in the package the now considered as eternal classic remix  by DJ Taucher and Torsten Stenzel. Fast Forward in 2023 on Technoclub Retro Talla 2XLC the real mastermind of trance remakes collaborates with Torsten Stenzel aka York to produce the brand new version that will bring havoc on the current dancefloors and trance festivals mainstages.

The York Back To The Roots remix stay true to the atmosphere of the timeless DJ Taucher nearly 10 minutes epic remix by adding underneath the psy tech trance driving basslines, sharp punchy kicks, and thumping drums while on top the atmospheric strings and the suspenseful melody is slowly revealed. The breakdown is long and teasing with the brilliant distorted vocals warning the listener that The Wave is coming so better get ready to blow your mind away. The breathtaking build up is master class on how to keep your audience at the edge of their seat with layers of synths building the tension by teasing the ears to the maximum with the dynamic synthy plucks, trancy voices, choir opera like chorus and anthemic strings.

When the dominating beat strikes back the energetic synthy layers and the cinematic soundscapes ensure that the listener will totally lost it on the dancefloor leaving their own fantasy guessing what The Wave actually can be. The second little breakdown allows to calm down the feet until to move magically in the final section full of anthemic synths and high energetic foundation perfect to  pump your muscles. Talla 2XLC and Torsten Stenzel present the fantastic The Wave(is coming) on Technoclub Retro. The York back to the Roots mix is out now!