New Promo: Talla 2XLC – Ragnaroek (Zyrus 7 Remix)

After the initial release of the original version on That’s Trance, the epic uplifting trancer Ragnaroek by Talla 2XLC gets the Zyrus 7 makeover for its release on Dreamscape. Zyrus 7, the psy trance alter ego of Talla 2XLC, is well-known and trusted for super powerful tracks and the remix on Ragnaroek is not an exception. The quality values are high so you can expect very well sound design and  tight arrangement that keeps you dancing from start to finish. It employes the well known psy-tech bassline by Zyrus 7 that is sharp and thunderous ready for takeoff.

The epic cinematic Vikings inspired melodies are present but they remain in the background leaving the splashing bassline to drive the track forward until we land on the long and teasing breakdown where the narrator describes the events of Rangaroek and underneath cinematic themes and orchestral strings to keep the tension bubbling. Soon the beat and bassline strikes back for the rough climax that starts all moody and dark but soon  the melodies are added to uplift the spirits just enough to reach the final small break and continue on the same underground psy tech direction. Underground psy trance at its best provided by Zyrus 7 aka Talla 2XLC on the ultimate anthem Ragnaroek out now on Dreamscape.