Einträge von KHB-Redaktion

New Promo: Szigeti Juli – Wild & Groovy (Electro Swing Thing Album 004)

https://estlink.de/ESTA004 After Szigeti Juli have successfully released a variety of singles like “Don’t Stop” and “Feel So Happy”, they’re finally dropping their debut album that has been highly anticipated by their audience. “Wild and Groovy” is, as the name suggests, an exciting musical journey spanning from the roaring 20s till today, picking up on different […]

New Promo: Norman Netro – ANOTHER LIFE

After the trance single “YOU KNOW” in 2022 now comes a new trance production by Norman Netro called “ANOTHER LIFE”. As usual with a crisp groove, catchy melody and smooth vocals. Vocal Trance/Dance Sound with 134 BPM on NN Music. Social Media Links: http://netro-music.de/ https://www.instagram.com/NORMANNETRO/ https://www.facebook.com/netrodj/ https://www.youtube.com/NETRODJ  

New Promo: Talla 2XLC – Phenomena

Talla 2XLC is pioneer of trance and techno for years keeping the flag of quality music made in Frankfurt against all odds. On That’s Trance comes the next chapter of his incredible long history of releases with Phenomena. For this very special track Talla 2XLC dives into the tech trance territory to bring the powerful […]

New Promo: INCARMA – Love and Karma

Das Musikprojekt INCARMA veröffentlicht ihren neuesten Melodic Techno Track “Love and Karma”. Der Song enthält A.I. generierte Vocals und handelt von künstlicher Intelligenz und Liebe, die wie Gravitation zu einer Singularität führen. Der Song beginnt mit einer sanften Mandoline, die allmählich zu einem treibenden synthetischen Rhythmus übergeht. Die A.I. generierten Vocals fügen eine tiefgründige Ebene […]

New Promo: Studebaker John – Groove City

“Groove City” from our Chicago Blues man, Studebaker John, was originally written to be an opening number for a club set. While John was doing a session for the great producer George Paulus, one of his artists, Classie Bellou, a guitar player known for his guitar instrumentals by record collectors world wide, took a liking […]