New Promo: Joan Alasta – Your Ghost

Joan Alasta: The Artist Behind “Your Ghost” and Emerging Producer

Celebrated for her deep house and pop contributions, French composer, songwriter, and singer Joan Alasta introduces her latest track, “Your Ghost”. With past successes like the Diamond Disc certified “Big Jet Plane” remixed by Alok and Mathieu Koss, Joan’s artistic flair in the music industry is undeniable.

“Your Ghost”, Joan’s latest offering, is a contemplative piece that touches on the emotions and memories associated with personal loss. Lines such as “All the night I feel your ghost, Walking around inside my soul,” bring forth a profound sense of connection and reflection. With her distinctive vocals and the track’s deep house undertones, Joan crafts a song that speaks volumes.

In addition to her accolades as an artist, 2023 marked a significant turn in Joan’s career as she ventured into music production. Her initial efforts have already borne fruit, with two of her produced songs, performed by different artists, accumulating over 1 million streams on Spotify.

Joan’s associations, from her collaboration with the publishing company Musigamy to her instrumental role in co-founding Garden Cactus Records, are testament to her dedication and influence in the music world. With Garden Cactus Records, Joan further extends her reach, championing other artists and fostering emerging talent.


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Joan Alasta stands out not only as a talented composer and singer but also as a budding producer. Her commitment to the music community is evident in her work and collaborations, particularly through her efforts with Garden Cactus Records.