New Promo: Neodym – Electric lights

NEODYM’s “60” – out now!

The debut album by the artist Neodym was released on July 7, 2023. For her new work, the Cologne-based singer took almost two years to write and produce songs. The result is her first solo work.

Stage magnetism and genre diversity – these are recognizable signs of NEODYM. The album “60” contains the full power in the form of 10 very original tracks – a combination of electro, synthpop, jazz and ambient.

“I’m like a chameleon and that’s what my music will always be – changeable and unpredictable, maybe one day I’ll sing or even rap in Esperanto,” says Neodym.
On this album, the singer and composer does not limit herself to the synth sounds typical of this genre, but complements it with classical instruments such as strings or saxophone.
During the production, NEODYM focused on the lyrical-melodic side of the album. In terms of composition and arrangement, NEODYM was supported by two outstanding Polish producers: Bartosz Szczęsny (Rebeka) and Mateusz Kosmaciński (Sidney Polak, Łzy).

The album features Rafał Jędruch (a well-handled saxophone), Tomasz Citak (brilliant strings) and Jacek Szwaj (stylish piano), which brought some deeper sounds to the single “Sunday Lover”.
Along with the album release, the fifth and final single NEODYM was released, promoting the album “60”. The music video for the song “Electric Lights” was created using a technique known from the gaming industry and refers to the futuristic visions of NEODYM.

“I’ve decided to write something about myself, about being a ray of light with a lot of positive energy and I want to share it with the world. I’ve always been nicknamed “magnet person” – that’s a very apt term – because I attract happiness and with this message I want to reach the audience – share your smile and kindness and they will come back to you with double strength! Of course I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t sneak in other possible, more metaphysical interpretations of “Electric Lights”: Light is our universe: we were created by light, in light we will perish.

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