New Promo: Oliver Bach – Burning Bridges

Following the impressive success of “Sky Is The Limit” and the Kai Sheen Remix hitting the top spot on the Beatport Mainstage Hype Charts, Oliver Bach is once again poised to captivate the electronic music scene with his latest work, “Burning Bridges.” This new track, a dynamic fusion of Melodic House and Deep Progressive House, will redefine musical experiences and ignite emotions in listeners worldwide.


Remarkable are the times in which we live – everything is in constant flux, even as we yearn for continuity. Music delivers and describes a necessary change, especially Oliver Bach’s song “Burning Bridges.” In a world defined by ongoing transformation, the song embodies the spirit of bidding farewell to the past, embracing change, and bravely venturing into the unknown. This new Melodic House & Techno track signifies the departure from what was and empowers us to take a step forward into the future.

“Music has the incredible power to embody change, capture its essence, and translate it into a harmonious symphony,” says Oliver Bach. “With ‘Burning Bridges,’ I wanted to capture the moment of transition, the feeling of shedding old skin, and welcoming new beginnings.”

The producer from Mainz is known for his perfect blend of sound and emotional messages. “Burning Bridges” is vibrant, with captivating leads, and its catchy vocals seamlessly complement the groove – a track that excites and creates a unique and harmonious atmosphere in the break, where melodies and vocals envelop you and transport you to a different reality.

The track is a captivating interplay of lively melodies, pulsating rhythms, and an irresistible groove. The penetrating vocals seamlessly integrate into the music, creating an immersive sonic experience that transcends genre boundaries.

This musical masterpiece is more than just a composition; it’s an invitation to embark on a transformative journey. As the fascinating beats envelop the audience, they are transported to a world where melodies and emotions merge, inviting introspection and release. “Burning Bridges” is not just a song; it is a vehicle for catharsis, a celebration of change, and a tribute to the power of artistic expression.

“Burning Bridges” is now available on all popular platforms for streaming and download.

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About Oliver Bach:

Oliver Bach is an artist from Mainz, Germany, known for his captivating blend of Melodic House & Techno. With a passion for crafting emotional narratives in his music, Oliver Bach draws inspiration from renowned artists and genres to create his distinctive sound. In 2020, he reached a significant milestone by winning the FAZEmag Moskovskaya Producer Contest, showcasing his exceptional skills and creative abilities. His songs have made waves in various music charts, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, and others, solidifying his reputation as an emerging artist. Oliver Bach has releases on renowned labels such as Technoclub Pure, Plastic City, and No Soda Please. Currently, Oliver Bach primarily focuses on producing music in the genres of Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House, and Techno. He continuously refines his sound and explores new sonic territories, demonstrating his versatility and commitment to pushing artistic boundaries.