MP Grey releases his new single “Hello”. The song is a VIP mix. VIP stands for “variation in production”, because MP Grey composed “Hello” back in 1994, it is one of his “oldest tracks”, as he says. But the song has enormous potential, which is probably the reason for the German producer to re-produce it. His longtime musical partner Rudiger from LA supported him with the lyrics and sang them right away. They celebrate optimism. Because, even when life presents you challenges, it always pays off to follow your own visions, stay true to yourself and say hello to the world!

The song is Pop at its finest, combining drama and playfulness in its structure, not least represented by Rudiger’s voice. The sounds are partly reminiscent of the 1990s, i.e. the origin of the song, and are probably a conscious bow to the decade. But they are also part of a song that is absolutely contemporary and simply works because it is good.

“Hello” is sophisticated AC Pop with R&B elements, which is suitable for the radio and also works very well on a large number of playlists.

Since 2020 and the debut “Merged Time”, MP Grey has not only managed to inspire critics worldwide, but also to expand his fan base. “Hello” will certainly also be very popular.