New Promo: Neodym – Money

Artist Neodym announces big changes in 2024! This year I will focus on dancing, looseness and having fun, says the female singer. Neodym clearly decided to break away from the influences of heavy synthesizers and alternative melodies, presented on her debut album “60” in 2023. Currently, the singer is working on her second EP and announcing a new era in her artistic path.

The song “Money”, created together with Polish producer Bartosz Szczęsny (Rebeka), has a catchy vocal melody, excellent synthesizers and inspiring drums. Referring to Tiësto, Jax Jones and Sam Feldt, Neodym takes the listener on an unforgettable journey to the dance floor.

The world of music revolves around money, says Neodym. Perhaps most songs are about love, but there are also some that have money as the main theme. Artists such as Abba, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits or Bruno Mars have them in their repertoire and they became a partial inspiration for Neodym when creating her next club banger.

“Money” in its lyrical layer deeply reflects humanity’s pursuit of constant prosperity. The approach to money may be different, but it always has a huge impact on a person and his life choices. Does money rule the world? Could they affect the brains of many people like a drug, depriving them of empathy and self-centeredness? True or false? That is the question…

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