New Promo: MP GREY FEAT. RUDIGER – Roller Coaster

MP GREY FEAT. RUDIGER „Roller Coaster“ – enjoy the ride!

MP Grey is back with his brand new single “Roller Coaster”. The song is an emotional roller coaster ride and deals with the serious topics of life, such as the search for security and human fate. The track starts tentative and fragile. First, a piano fills the space until the smokey voice of Rudiger enters, who also worked on the lyrics for this top-class MP Grey composition and refined the song with his vocals.

The song starts slowly and then really takes off: drums and modern synths get “Roller Coaster” going and guide Rudiger’s voice skillfully through the created world. Despite the lightness of the contemporary Electro elements, the song retains the timeless depth and thoughtfulness that defines it, because: “Life is a roller coaster. Sometimes it drags you down and sometimes you reach unexpected heights at breathtaking speed,” as MP Grey himself says about his new single.

“Roller Coaster” was again produced by Dibs, who lives in LA just like singer Rudiger. The song is contemporary and sophisticated AC Pop that works on the radio and on mainstream-oriented playlists and sticks with listeners.

MP Grey’s debut “Merged Time” was released in 2020. Since then, he has thrilled fans and critics worldwide. “Roller Coaster” will also further consolidate his status as a serious artist.



LABEL: Martin Polle (Templin)