New Promo: Holojay & Julia McCallion – Express Yourself

Express Yourself: A Powerful Call for Authenticity and Self-Acceptance

Just in time for Pride Month, Julia McCallion (formerly known as RADD) and Holojay are releasing their new single “Express Yourself.” With this captivating song, they send a strong message of self-love and joyful expression, especially for women and queer individuals.

“Express Yourself” is more than just a song – it’s an anthem of courage to stand by oneself, no matter what others say. The energetic lyrics and highly danceable house beat invite everyone to unconditionally celebrate their own identity.

“I wanted to write a song that inspires people to be proud of themselves,” explains Julia. “Many people know the feeling of being under pressure and needing to conform or pretend. Our song aims to give them the strength to show and celebrate their true personality.”

The release of “Express Yourself” during Pride Month is no coincidence. In this special time of the year, when the LGBTQIA+ community worldwide fights for equality and acceptance, the song emphasizes the importance of individuality and solidarity.

The single is now available on all major streaming platforms. Julia McCallion and Holojay are excited to add a little more color and ecstasy to Pride Month with their latest single and hope the song inspires and empowers people, no matter their backgrounds.

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