New Promo: MP GREY FEAT. RUDIGER – Mexican Sun – VIP Mix

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MP GREY FEAT. RUDIGER „Mexican Sun (VIP Mix)“ – discover new horizons!

MP Grey is back with his new single “Mexican Sun”. The track is a VIP mix. VIP stands for “Variation in Production”, because MP Grey has given the song a new look.

His musical partner Rudiger from LA took over the vocals again on “Mexican Sun”, but the lyrics were written by Jens Lange. Jimmy Deer, who also lives in LA, produced it.

“Mexican Sun” is a road movie embedded in a top-class Pop song. As usual, the song is catchy, but also extremely multifaceted: guitar fills reflect the Mexican feeling of life and freedom, cheerful glockenspiel melodies and modern synths round off the background and give the track a unique atmosphere. “Mexican Sun” also has a lot to offer rhythmically and skilfully alternates between relaxed and driving (through the staccato parts).

The song tells the story of a man who is faced with death due to a serious illness. However, he overcomes it, but his life is in a mental dead end. Under the Mexican sun he meets a very special woman who is breathtakingly beautiful and who also attracts and fulfills him mentally. Through her he reaches new horizons. The story is conveyed and brought to life by Rudiger’s smoky, soulful voice.

“Mexican Sun” is sophisticated AC Pop with R&B elements that is radio friendly and also works very well on a variety of playlists.

Since his debut “Merged Time” (2020), MP Grey has continuously managed to delight critics worldwide and win new fans. He will certainly succeed in this again with “Mexican Sun”.