New Promo: Stage of Theed – The Truth in any Way

Stage of Theed Unveils “The Truth in Any Way”

On October 27, Stage of Theed is set to release their latest single “The Truth in Any Way”. Led by Nando’s powerful vocals, the song navigates a profound journey of pain, hope, and the inevitable confrontation with truth.

Combining elements of electro and Synthpop/rock, the track illustrates the inner conflict in an age marked by “deep fakes” and blurred lines between reality and fiction. The lyrics delve into the depths of the human soul, exploring the darkness and the light emerging from despair.

“The Truth in Any Way” will be available on all major music platforms from the release date.

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About SoT (Stage of Theed) and Nando

Fernando Carlos Mancilla Pantoja, professionally known as Nando, is the talented musician and producer behind the synthpop project “Stage of Theed” (SoT). Currently residing in Germany but with Spanish roots, Nando’s di verse cultural background enriches his music, imbuing it with a unique blend of influences and styles.

Nando’s passion for music is evident in his creations. He draws inspiration from iconic bands such as Depeche Mode, Yazoo, and The Human League, channeling the nostalgic yet timeless vibe of 80s synthpop into his own compositions. Each song is a journey ba ck to an era where synthesizers crafted pop anthems, merging the classic with the contemporary.

With influences ranging from legendary artists like Jean Michel Jarre and David Bowie to contemporary figures like Armin van Buuren, Nando’s music encapsulates a broad spectrum of sounds. His love for melodies, commanding vocals, and thought provoking lyrics is woven through every track, bridging the gap between the ethereal echoes of the past and the dynamic beats of today.

To date, Nando has graced the music world with numerous singles under Stage of Theed. Collaborations with artists like Martin Whisper and the dynamic band duo “Amazing Maze” are on the horizon, promising a synthesis of creativity and innovation.

In every note and lyric, “Stage of Theed” embodies Nando’s relentless pursuit of musical excellence, his reverence for the iconic sounds of the 80s, and his vision for the future of synthpop.