New Promo: Glasi, Scarlett – Dynamite

Glasi and Scarlett are working together again and are releasing the track “Dynamite”. The producer from the Stuttgart metropolitan area and the Swedish singer, with Homebase LA, have already worked together on the tracks “Worth The Fight” and “Wishful Thingking”, which Scarlett refined with her vocals reminiscent of Miley Cyrus’ smoky voice.

“Dynamite” is an explosive track in every sense of the word. Pop and Dance elements mix with beats reminiscent of Hardstyle or Rave. The song picks up speed very quickly and maintains momentum throughout. It is playful, catchy and rousing, not least because of Scarlett’s warm vocals, which invite you to sing along. The content is about a well-known topic, namely the dependence of one person on the other and the feeling that this person can trigger in your head.

Glasi describes the collaboration with Scarlett as “particularly harmonious”, because despite the many kilometers that separate the two, they are in regular contact and have also managed to create a professional collaboration and human closeness on “Dynamite” which you can hear it the song! The track creates the typical “studio feeling” when producer and vocal artist record together in the studio.

Due to its catchiness, “Dynamite” has a chance on mainstream radio and on the corresponding playlists. But the track also ensures sweaty nights in the club.


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