Beats in Evolution: A Musical Retrospective of Three Years with FR3SH TrX

With his debut album “Beats in Evolution,” FR3SH TrX invites listeners on an extraordinary journey through three years of musical innovation and creative exploration. This meticulously curated album showcases not just the highlights of his creative phase since May 2021 but also the versatility and talent that distinguish FR3SH TrX as a producer and artist. Featuring 22 carefully selected tracks, including the current tracks “Playing Games” and “Ghosts in the Shell,” “Beats in Evolution” reflects the development and growth of FR3SH TrX.

A special highlight is the exclusive track “Be Careful,” a Slap House premiere available only on this album, set to undoubtedly take over dance floors. With impressive stats like more than 15 million streams and over 15,000 Spotify followers, FR3SH TrX has made his mark in dance and club charts worldwide and secured thousands of radio airplays. “Beats in Evolution” is not just a collection of tracks but a testament to his musical journey and a promise for the future.


Release-Datum: 15. März 2024
Label: XWaveZ
Stil: House, Future Rave, Melodic Techno

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