New Promo: Andy Düx, Oliver Bach – Let’s Go

The brilliant Oliver Bach and Andy Düx ,two very strong techno artists well known for the high quality output combine their forces for the brand new Technoclub Pure release called Let’s Go. It’s melodic driving hypnotic techno banger that will be appreciated by trance purists as well. Steady thumping bouncy kicks, driving dark moody basslines and slightly tribal percussion merged to shape the fat raw beats while on top acid overtones create the hypnotic tripping out atmosphere.

The quite dark and well-conceived breakdown has twisted synthy melodies and cool melodramatic tones until the robotic vocal invite us all to let everything behind and GO with Oliver and Andy on their rough and in your face techno fueled climax until the dark melodies to come back and finish with plenty of acid craziness. Let’s Go has all the elements to attract the attention of melodic techno followers but still is travelling and driving to get included in trance sets too. Let’s Go by for Oliver Bach and Andy Düx is out now on Technoclub Pure, the label overlooked by Talla 2XLC.