New Promo: DJ Eternity – Indigo

DJ Eternity provides quality uplifting productions with strong foundation of banging beats and memorable melodies to die for. After his stunning tracks Atmosphere, New Horizon and Soul Experience strikes back with another quality produced uplifter called Indigo ready to rock the clubs and climb the download portals charts. Indigo is straight to the very point uplifting trance smasher with solid bouncy kicks, energetic pulsating driving basslines and most importantly great synthy layers and melodies that crawl under your skin and become instantly part of your everyday experience.

Warm piano chords with optimistic positive feelings lead us beautifully on the long teasing breakdown packed with anthemic orchestral strings, cinematic choir voices followed by the main synthy hook that is larger than life. The euphoric hands in the air climax is blessed with many beautiful colorful synths and fluorescent sounds to let your inner senses immersed with all the various sonic elements as you experience them in full effect. DJ Eternity returns on ZYX Trance with a banging tune Indigo that is out now.

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