New Promo: Phygos – Brother (Techno Remix)

Stream & Download:

Brother is the name of the original, the tempo was already high in the original and now Phygos is dropping a techno banger! While the remix is already taking on a life of its own in internal DJ circles, Phygos is still preparing the release. Another schnapps number: 5.5.2024 it shall be! Her last single Champagne was released 3 weeks ago and had already been added to 660 Spotify playlists by the end of April. Keep up the good work Phygos!

Better than the original, that’s great work, it looks really good on you, great sound, will be played”.
Phygos herself quickly realized that she feels most at home here in techno and future house.

You can hear it this time. Phygos has a clear opinion on why such a sound experience has come about here:
“I discussed my story for the song with the remixer Achim Hox. I finally explained to him what this remix was to be produced for and what I wanted to convey with it. Achim sent me the finished master just a few days later. Communication is everything! He just felt it. Thank you for letting me call “this” my own”. So Phygos, good luck!