New Promo: Glasi – Bounce

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Glasi „Bounce“ – try new ways!

Glasi is back with his new single “Bounce”, a real Techno banger that is perfect for the main floor in the club!

The track starts off energetic and mystical, with fat beats and female vocal accents. After the countdown begins, things really get going and you ca “bounce”. Here, playful melodies are added to the ongoing tight beats.

The track is significantly different than previous Glasi songs. Less vocals and mainstream elements, but flawless Techno that has rough edges and represents sweaty nights in clubs around the world. But the song is also a real gem for Techno-savvy playlists.

The producer from the Stuttgart metropolitan region was inspired by his visit to the “Open Beatz” festival, where he turned night into day with friends. The festival was founded in 2009 and takes place at an idyllic pond near the Bavarian town of Puschendorf.

Things have been going uphill for Glasi since 2021. He has found his own style, but, as with “Bounce”, he can put it in a completely different context. This is how he proves his creativity and manages to positively surprise his ever-growing fan base. Over two million streams on Spotify alone speak for themselves.

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