New Promo: Sounds in Projects feat. AYLIN – Love Freedom Tolerance

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Year after year, millions of music enthusiasts from all over the world flock to Zurich for the Street Parade, to take part in this spectacular event. One of the unforgettable highlights of the Street Parade was undoubtedly the anthem “Love Freedom Tolerance.” The original version of “Love Freedom Tolerance” became one of the iconic tracks of the Street Parade and is cherished by fans worldwide. Now, this trance anthem returns in an exciting reimagining by “Sounds in Projects.”

“Sounds in Projects” have made a name for themselves in the electronic music scene, known for their infectious beats and euphoric melodies. The reimagining of this legendary track promises to once again conquer dance floors around the globe. With a fresh interpretation and modern production techniques, “Sounds in Projects” have updated the song while preserving the soul and fire of the original. The distinctive melodies and captivating rhythm are still present but in a contemporary guise.

“Love Freedom Tolerance” is not just a song; it’s a message. In a time when the world faces challenges and divisions, this track reminds us of the importance of love, freedom, and tolerance. The music by “Sounds in Projects” brings people together and creates an atmosphere of unity and celebration. The reimagining of “Love Freedom Tolerance” is a musical masterpiece that takes the energy and magic of the Street Parade to a new level. “Sounds in Projects” are proud to present this track to the world once again and spread the message of love, freedom, and tolerance.

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Label: Loud Space