New Promo: Talla 2XLC & Gid Sedgwick – Forever Young

That’s Trance, the label headed by Talla 2XLC presents the approved from Alphaville brand new rework of the beloved 1984 anthem Forever Young. The track has been recreated countless times with most successful and memorable the Dune and Interactive ravestatic versions. Fast forward in 2023 and the master of reworks Talla 2XLC dives back in his youth and collaborates with Gid Sedgwick to bring up to date the most singalong track of all the times.

With his well-known straight to the point uplifting style full of pounding basslines, thumping drums and punchy kicks while on the top energetic acid layers and anthemic euphoric synths. Gid Sedwick is one of the most frequently appearing singer in the trance scene with collaborations that shine with the finest trance artists of all time. His performance is absolutely gorgeous with that new wave electro pop aethetics that make us all dream and singing loud from our hearts the so meaningful lyrics. The emotional breakdown is characterized from the inspiring strings, airy pads, warm piano chords and Gig infectious performance.

The main synthy riffs are unleashed to create havoc on any dancefloor and the climax is euphoric to the maximum with dynamism and passion that unite the festival crowds under the same groove. It’s great that the full vocal is used and not just the chorus from it turning into the perfect end of the night peak time anthem. Get ready for another nostalgic trip back in the 80’s with Talla 2XLC & Gid Sedgwick officially approved version of the Alphaville classic Forever Young that is out now on That’s Trance.


Title of the adaptation: “Forever Young

Original title: “Forever Young

Music: Marian Gold, Frank Mertens, Bernhard Lloyd

Lyrics: Marian Gold

© Budde Music Publishing GmbH