New Promo: Glasi, Scarlett – Wishful Thinking

Glasi, Scarlett „Wishful Thinking – the power of thoughts

Glasi and Scarlett join forces and release the track “Wishful Thinking”. The producer, based near Stuttgart, and the Swedish singer, who lives in LA, previously collaborated on the track “Worth The Fight,” which Scarlett was featured on.

Together, the two have now started a triplet dance song that has it all: “Wishful Thinking” lives from the perfect symbiosis between Scarlett’s unique, slightly smoky-distinctive, but still very feminine vocals and the playful-modern and very happy sound that Glasi has created. Especially Scarlett’s hummed parts create goose bumps in the song.

Glasi describes working with Scarlett as “particularly harmonious”, despite the many kilometers that separate the two. In order to ensure the best possible cooperation and to create a “studio feeling”, they sent each other endless voice messages and pms in which they exchanged the inspiration for the song and its design. And with success! In the song you can hear the good chemistry and professional way of working and the bond between the two.

By the way: The idea for the song title came from Glasi’s father, who is regularly involved in his son’s creative processes and acts as a source of ideas and textual support.

Due to its mainstream character, “Wishful Thinking” is suitable for both radio and mainstream playlists plus clubs. It will also make Glasis more than two million Spotify streams grow significantly.

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