New Promo: Talla 2XLC & Ace Da Brain – Conquest Paradise

Technoclub Retro revisits the golden era of Frankfurt trance with Talla 2xlc and Ace da Brain remake of the classic trance anthem Conquest Paradise produced by Marc N’ Ace released on Torsten Stenzel label Scuba Records back in 1999. The original is a highly regarded trance anthem that the members of the global trance family respect as sacred piece of music. Fast forward in 2023 Talla 2XLC the king of remakes according to Armin van Buuren and Ace da Brain aka Andreas Schmidt deliver the brand new version just perfect for the modern dancefloors. Energetic pulsating psy trance basslines, pounding kicks and sledge hammer driving beats shape the perfect foundation for the rest of the sonic elements to add. The first intro part is followed by small ethereal break and then rougher acid infused section lead the proceedings to the breakdown. The atmosphere is serene with calming strings and soothing sounds along with the cool spoken female vocal samples.

The characteristic well- known epic synthy hook is slowly coming to the surface building the right anticipation and explodes out of any proportion in the massive climax when all the brilliant sonic elements come together for the euphoric feel good crescendo moment to let yourself go ballistic. Once again Talla 2XLC teaches along with Ace da Brain how to produce a remake that sounds fresh and updated but still respecting the original and paying tribute to it. The wait is finally over Talla 2xlc and Ace da Brain with Conquest Paradise is out now on Technoclub Retro.

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