New Promo: INCARMA x Dan Kers – Smells Like Teen Spirit

After the recent chart successes of “Numb” and “Love And Karma”, the new Future Rave cover song by INCARMA and Dan Kers is already a highly anticipated event for fans and music lovers alike.

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” is a classic that has influenced generations. INCARMA and Dan Kers have transformed Nirvana’s original grunge sound into a more modern, danceable version. With INCARMA’s typical, energetic Future Rave production and Dan Kers’ skilled Slap House and Dance, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is now a true dancefloor hit.

“Incarma and I are big fans of Nirvana and especially this song,” said Dan Kers. “We wanted to give it a new twist and a modern touch. I think the result is really successful.”

“We are very proud of this track,” added INCARMA. “It was a challenge to reinterpret such an iconic song, but we think we’ve done it and are very excited to see the fans’ reactions.”

With their new song, INCARMA and Dan Kers once again demonstrate their musical talent and ability to combine different genres to create something new and exciting. The track is an absolute must for all fans of Future Rave and Nirvana alike.

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