New Promo: Too Young24 – Gott sei Dank

Too Young 24 „Gott Sei Dank“ – The courage for self-development

Too Young 24 is back with a strong new track: “Gott Sei Dank”. The crisp 2-minute track is somewhere between Hip-Hop, Pop and Dance and picks up speed from the first second. He maintains the momentum until the end.

Too Young 24’s unique vocals dominate the track and give it that catchy flow. Despite the lyrical and emotional depth of “Gott Sei Dank”, the song has a catchiness that makes you want to listen to it repeatedly.

About the lyrical content of his current single, Too Young 24 says: “We often ask ourselves what is right and what is wrong and often forget that change does not only consist in differentiating, but also in using what we have recognized in a positive way.” With “Gott Sei Dank” the newcomer would like to show visually and musically the limits we have and at the same time call for us to give the whole thing even more room for improvement. For him personally, the track represents a scale that serves as a symbol and an important link between his previous and future releases.

Jose Manuel Tutistas Garcia, Too Young 24’s real name, loves music and can lose himself in it. Although he started late, his bond with music is even more intense. He grew up in humble circumstances and had to learn early on to stand on his own two feet. He always valued his victories, drew strength from his defeats and always turned to the positive. You can feel this attitude in Too Young 24’s songs and “Gott Sei Dank” is also a hot candidate for radio and playlists that appreciate edgy mainstream-oriented tracks.

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