New Promo: Glasi, Carli B – Try To Remember

Glasi „Try To Remember“ – mystical dance!

Glasi is back with his new single “Try To Remember”. For the triplet uptempo Dance song, he joins forces with the talented new singer Carli B. They have known each other for years. In summer ’22 they met at a party and started a conversation. Carli B. asked the DJ and producer from the Stuttgart area, if he would like to do a track together. The project sounded interesting and so the cooperation was decided after five minutes!

A few weeks later they met in Glasi’s studio. Up until now, Carli B. had only been able to prove her vocal skills as a student in school, but she put in a smashing performance for “Try To Remember” and they both had a blast in the studio, as you can hear on the recording.

The Dance track is absolutely energetic. The song starts out slightly mystical, but then indulges in Jump-Style inspired passages and shows a certain lightness, even though the lyrics are quite thoughtful and abstract.

The built-in sing-along melody has also a “pirate shanty charm”.

Overall, “Try To Remember” is an original and varied song that will find its place in uptempo Dance playlists.

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