New Promo: Glasi – Tell Me Why

Glasi „Tell Me Why“ – with eternal gratitude

Glasi returns with a Techno hit! But “Tell Me Why” not only puts the pedal to the metal, but also has a deeper and more thoughtful meaning. The song is dedicated to his deceased dog Estella and deals with the gap that she leaves in the entire family. Glasi’s father once again provided the lyrical foundation for the well-produced and energetic track and wrote the very personal lyrics.

Songs are pure emotions and, as the musical history shows, are often about love. And the unconditional love of a dog and for a dog is an honest and beautiful theme for a song. The producer from the Stuttgart metropolitan region once again skillfully manages to incorporate his personal emotional world, but at the same time gives the listeners the space for their own emotions that they associate with the song. Their emotions will admittedly be more towards fun and party, as “Tell Me Why” is a real club banger…

Since 2021, Glasi has been an integral part of the international music scene. Several million streams on Spotify alone speak for the quality and presence of the producer and “Tell Me Why” will also help to expand the fan base.

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