New Promo: Tobe Brann – Anywhere Right Now

Anywhere Right Now” marks the latest entry into the progressive house scene, available now on Spotify as a radio edit. This 128 BPM track melds pulsating rhythms with the powerful vocals of a gifted male singer, creating a sound that’s both grounded and exhilarating. The song is certainly one that should not miss on any EDM playlist, especially those ones that contain other energetic and positive EDM tracks, for partying, clubbing, gaming, sports and for listing in the car.

The song’s lyrics, with lines like “As long as you’re with me, we can go anywhere right now,” encapsulate the spirit of freedom and companionship. It’s a track that speaks to the soul, offering a musical escape for anyone seeking a moment of euphoria.

What sets “Anywhere Right Now” apart is its blend of energetic beats and relatable lyrics. It’s not just a track for the dance floor; it’s a song for every moment, celebrating the joy of being with someone who makes you feel like you can go anywhere.

Dive into the vibrant world of “Anywhere Right Now” – a progressive house anthem that promises to be a staple in playlists and dance floors alike.

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