New Promo: Glasi – Reach For The Stars

Glasi „Reach For The Stars – you can make it, if you want to!

Glasi is back with his new single “Reach For The Stars”. The producer from the Stuttgart metropolitan region releases a 140 BPM fast Dance hit that has absolute mainstream character and is immediately catchy!

“Reach For The Stars” starts with catchy female vocals and playful synths, then increases the drive again. The track has the right mix of emotionality and danceability, because the lyrics motivate and the music immediately creates an urge to move. The instrumental is sometimes reminiscent of Avicii’s style, which is very fitting, because the singer who can be heard, has not only worked with Glasi several times, but also sang on Avicii tracks.

The track’s content is about the fact that you can achieve anything, if you don’t limit yourself. Instead you should believe in yourself. This time the lyrics were almost written completely by Glasi and were only fine-tuned by the singer.

“Reach For The Stars” is fun and suitable material for the club, radio stations and mainstream oriented playlists.

Since 2021, Glasi has managed to establish himself as a serious talent on the international music scene. Millions of streams on Spotify alone speak for the quality and ambitions of the producer.

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