New Promo: Macy – Work It

MACY, his real name is Massimo Masi of Sicilian origin, was born as a DJ in the clubs of his Sicily and then moved on to radio DJ but always with the dream of conquering the club music scene!

Towards the end of the 90s he began to produce and remix songs based mainly on House music and its subgenres and seeing that his creativity and style were very popular and was increasingly requested in clubs

His attention shifts to the production and creation of unreleased original songs with the thought that “if I can make people dance to the rhythm of other artists’ music, why not try to entertain them with my own productions?”

With this very strong determination, after several releases it lands in New Music Group… and today he is ready to leave his mark on the International Dance music scene starting from this “WORK IT”!

Undoubtedly a song aimed above all at the world of clubs without disdaining radio air play!