New Promo: Macy – Intoxicated

Macy is back with a new track: “Intoxicated Gossip”

Macy is back with a new release: “Intoxicated Gossip”. Overtime, the talented Italian artist managed to showcase his incredible versatility as a producer, exploring a wide variety of styles, ranging from EDM to Tech-House and everything in between. “Intoxicated Gossip”, his most recent single, is yet another example of what he can accomplish in the studio. The production is very punchy and airy, with a very thick sound and many layers that add extra ambiance to the mix. While the background is very textual and atmospheric, there is also a lot of focus on the rhythm and intensity, meaning that the kick and snare are as upfront and punchy as you expect them to be on a song like this.

The mix is very powerful and dynamic, with unique accents, defining the transitions between each song section and bringing a lot of detail and accuracy to the arrangement. Transitions are key to this style of music, and this production proves that when they are well integrated, they can really drive up the energy of a song.

This is ultimately a very well executed track, which combines the staples of the genre with a more innovative and personal touch that makes for an interesting yet entertaining experience for all tech-house music fans and beyond.