New Promo: Ralphie B & Frank Waanders – Fata Morgana

ZYX Trance proudly welcomes two brilliant trance artists who currently are very productive in the trance scene releasing brilliant anthems on the most respected labels incl. In Trance We Trust or Nocturnal Knights. Ralph Barendse aka Ralphie B is a true legend with massive classics from 2001 till now. His collaboration with Talla 2XLC called Spirit was released on That’s Trance this summer and  is a huge success.

Frank Waanders started releasing music in 2011 and he had tunes on top labels like Always Alive and Regenerate.  Their collaborative effort Fata Morgana is coming on ZYX Trance and is destined to cause some waves in the trance world. Solid powerful driving basslines combined with pounding drums, suspenseful synths on top and ethnic style vocal snippets while  in the very atmospheric breakdown magical cinematic violin melody will raise the hair from your back . The huge synthy plucks merged with big drum rolls to build the tension and take us all the way to their very euphoric feel good hypnotic and truly energetic climax with colorful synths and opera magical vocals  that will make you feel raised from the ground instantly. Fata Morgana by Ralphie B & Frank Waanders is out now on ZYX Trance, the label overlooked by Talla 2XLC.

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