New Promo: LVDS – Rum & Coke [Electro Swing Thing 180]

“Drinking rum and Coca Cola…”

Might be the first line that comes to mind, when you read the title of LVDS’ latest track.

But the Netherlands-based producer did not just create yet another remix of the almost eponymous 1940s hit. Instead, he pays homage to its title while delivering a modern and completely new track that promises to become your new travel AND party companion.

His signature style: pairing a catchy vintage sample with a highly danceable beat, proofs once more to be a guarantee for a true club banger that still spreads the chill vibes, LVDS is known for from his Swing-Hop productions.

Rapped verses make Rum & Coke an even more exciting song that shouldn’t be missing in your party playlist. Cheers!

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