New Promo: Holojay & Radd – My Own Way

Believe in yourself and don’t let anyone downplay your dreams!

After the successful release of Sometimes, RADD aka Julia McCallion and Holojay are back with their latest collab single! And it’s a big one: With “My Own Way”, the two artists have created an empowerment anthem for those who are tired of accepting the rules of the “normal” and are ready to follow their own dreams. And if the listeners weren’t already, they will be after this song! Even the production of the song breaks conformity – producer Holojay elegantly combines Drum’n’Bass, Trap, and Pop, creating together with RADD and her versatile vocals a powerful and interesting sound with captivating energy.

“Who do you think you are? Some kind of superstar? This time you went too far, it’s getting too bizarre” The creation process of “My Own Way” began while singer RADD aka Julia McCallion decided after a long period of suffering to end a longstanding work relationship and to no longer belittle herself. “It was long overdue to set boundaries and it had the good side effect of now being able to share my intense experiences as a positive message with the listeners,” she explains. “When Julia told me about her decision, we immediately started songwriting,” says Holojay about the creation process.

“My Own Way” is a wonderful example of a coherent collaboration where skills, message, and joy of playing come together perfectly. With this single, the two are releasing their fourth song together, and more releases for 2024 are already in production. Stay tuned.”

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