MP GREY FEAT. RUDIGER „Run“ (Rockversion) – powerful Rock journey

MP Grey’s new single “Run” was released in July. There is now a Rock version of the emotional Pop song. In addition to a slightly crisper beat, the guitars, which were played by Markus Vollmer from Mannheim, Germany, are emphasized more. Rudiger’s vocals are more smokey and he shows his whole spectrum. The synths, especially in the chorus, are a balanced mix of 80s nostalgia feeling and state-of-the-art modernity. MP Grey added them himself to refine the track.

The Rock version also immediately creates beautiful images in your head: a couple jogging together enjoying the last rays of sunshine of the day and exploring the beauty of the city with all its sights and sounds. “Run” is equally relaxed and rocking, but never arbitrary. The varied song is always good for a surprise and reveals its complexity when you listen to it several times.

The single was produced by Dibs, who, like Rudiger, lives in LA and by MP Grey himself. “Run” is varied AC Rock/Pop that is radio-friendly and also works very well on a variety of playlists.

In 2020, MP Grey released his internationally acclaimed debut “Merged Time” and since then has regularly provided his growing fan base with professional and catchy songs. The rock version of “Run” will certainly be popular again.