New Promo: Amfree & Jay Frog – You Got The Love

Amfree is one of the most successful DJs & producers of the last year and is now at over 725,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. His biggest hit is the re-release of “Boom Boom Boom” together with Lizot and Ampris. It has already generated over 30 million streams. Now he has teamed up with the German house legend Jay Frog.

They have taken the absolute cult hit “You Got The Love” as a cover template and conjured up a house board from it, which will not only find its fans on the streaming portals, but above all will be a sure shot for the big and house floors with the DJs!

The original of “The Source feat. Candi Staton” was in the Top5 of the official charts 3 times in different years in the UK alone, which is a sensation.

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