New Promo: Ghost Wrider – SPOT ME FLY

Newcomer Ghost Wrider released his 3rd single with the Title „SPOT ME FLY“

Newcomer artist “Ghost WriDer” (a.k.a. GHOSTY GOAST) will release his 3rd single and thus the 3rd page of his MusiComic “Rise of the GOAST (GREATESTS OF ALL SOUNDTRACKS)” with the title “SPOT ME FLY” on April 22nd 2022 on all common stores such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tik Tok and many more. He was supported in this project by GZM Cosplay Management (, a member of the Association of the German Games Industry, as well as the cosplayer they organized Miriam from Tingilya Cosplay (, who is involved in the music video in an Harley Quinn cosplay. She was the winner of the Cyberpunk 2077 Cosplay Contest in Germany. Harley-Davidson Düsseldorf supported the project with the CUSTOMBIKE “HARLEY-DAVIDSON DÜSSELDORF X ROAD KING SPECIAL FAT TIRE”, which can be seen in the video ( In addition, the project was supported by Calaidosphere ( by initiating a cooperation with Austrian Audio ( Like all previous Ghost WriDer song and video productions, Next Level Studios ( was commissioned and responsible. The beat was produced by “fokuzbeat” from Colombia.

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