New Promo: Talla 2XLC & Schwarze Puppen – Der Nebel

Technoclub Pure presents the coming back of the worldwide famous tech trance project Schwarze Puppen with legendary releases on Overdose records from Frankfurt with the stomping Der Nebel co-produced with Talla 2XLC. Andreas Krämer & SLT as Schwarze Puppen had very unique and unbeatable dark slightly industrial style. Der Nebel is the perfect hybrid of the energizing Talla 2XLC Technoclub Pure sound with the strongly identifiable dark tech trance sound of the iconic duo. Pumping bouncy basslines, sharp kicks,acid overtones,dark synths and superb percussion along with atmospheric effects and the well-known mysterious hypnotic synthy melody in the background.

The various elements of the track are built perfectly towards the breakdown that sounds cold and thrilling as ice with the cool German spoken vocal sample leading on the rough, raw and totally out of order climax with haunting moody synthy stabs and that exceptional bassline that radiates energy  from head to toe. It’s such a pleasant surprise that Talla 2XLC collaborates with the fantastic Schwarze Puppen for the high class tech trance anthem Der Nebel and is out now on Technoclub Pure, the home of techno meets trance and beyond.

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