New Promo: Toxic D.N.A, Van Dexter – Lights on me

“Lights On Me” is a powerful, high-energy track that excites audiences with its unique combination of fast, hard beats and hypnotic synthesizer melodies. The track showcases the unmistakable signature of both Toxic D.N.A. and Van Dexter, both known for their unique approach to electronic music.


Toxic D.N.A. has been a fixture in the international techno scene for years and has played at many prestigious festivals and clubs around the world. Van Dexter has also been active as a producer and DJ since 1991 and has played at some of the most well-known events and locations in the techno scene, including Flughafen Riem and Cocorico, as well as in Rotterdam and many international events. His years of experience and skill as a producer and DJ are reflected in the new track “Lights On Me”, which is already making waves in the techno scene.

“Lights On Me” is a perfect example of the abilities and talent of both artists, who have come together to produce an unforgettable track. The track will be available on all major streaming platforms starting from April 21st.

Label: Loud Space