New Promo: Talla 2XLC presents RRAW! – The Promised Land

Talla 2XLC continues to unleash tech trance monsters under his RRAW! alias on Technoclub Pure. Now is the time to guide us with his masterful techno cracking beats to our own Promised land. The track is fast, bouncy and furious with superb percussion, thumping dark basslines, galloping rough beats and on top the uplifting synthy line to keep the ride hard but pleasurable. The breakdown is full of euphoric synths and superb cinematic male vocal sample that seems to work perfectly for the final result. The beat returns on the same dark territory with added acid touches and later one the cool synthy hook and the vocal. If you adore playing techno with serious doses of trance euphoria in the middle then this track will satisfy you and your audience 100%. The Promised Land by Talla 2XLC pres. RRAW! is out now on Technoclub Pure, the record label that delivers always pure underground trance hymns.