New Promo: Talla 2XLC – Avalon

Talla 2XLC keeps the flag of quality uplifting trance flying with his newest born brainchild Avalon on That’s Trance. The track contains all the usual and exact elements of solid airforce power trancer with thumping kicks, bouncy beats and the most energetic bassline you can imagine for an uplifting anthem. The melodies are coming slowly to go under your skin and target your soul. The breakdown offers the valuable space to the big melodic elements to expand with violins and epic strings that will absorb you straight away in its mythical dream world.

The main section is truly explosive allowing all the synths and strings to create this megablockbuster sonic experience that easily carry your senses and bodies with its gravitational waves. Avalon by Talla2XLC has landed now on That’s Trance.