New Promo: Paul Benson – Coherence

Behind Paul Benson hides a successful music producer who already worked for big artists like Alphaville and Haddoway in the 90s.

Now he is starting a comeback with his own project, which incorporates his accumulated knowledge about the effect of music on our bodies.

He deliberately clocked the song “Coherence” at 66 bpm, as it corresponds to the optimal heartbeat rate of our heart when we are in a stress-free physical state.

By listening to a song at 66 bpm, our heart rate automatically adjusts, so it goes in coherence with the music.  This causes our nervous system to go into regenerative mode.

With “Coherence” Paul also wants to trigger a new trend in the chillout scene, which he himself calls Mystic Chill.

feel and hear music.

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