New Promo: Talla 2XLC – A Dream Within A Dream

Talla 2XLC has a busy touring schedule with frequent appearances on Mayday Poland, Dreamscape (USA), Nature One in Germany and many retro trance parties. His Technoclub night goes strong with latest guests Aly & Fila and his Technoclub CD mix series lands at the top of the sales charts. His latest creation on his label That’s Trance is the classic uplifting trance instrumental anthem A Dream Within A Dream. For this release incredible uplifting melodies do the talking and the result is euphoric excessiveness to the maximum. Thumping drums, metallic seismic basslines and bouncy solid groove ensure to push the track to its limits as we move on to the very confident breakdown with hair raising euphoric hands in the air melody that seems to come from the sweaty raves of the 90’s. You can easily imagine that the climax goes all the way to the euphoric direction with that dark and sinister industrial melody working like a treat to deliver unforgettable memories on the trancefloors near you. The fans of the high quality uplifting instrumental epic trance have found another reason to be delighted curtesy of Talla 2XLC and his latest That’s Trance anthem A Dream Within A Dream.