New Promo: EDM Lovers X Sven Kuhlmann X Boysco & Cocinero – Techno Music

Techno Music can make friends – EDM Lovers, Boysco & Cocinero and their long time Buddy DJ Sven Kuhlmann met in music business years ago, while making techno music, and they became friends – this is a true story about the true power of music. Until today they miss no opportunity to celebrate techno music – and so their brand new 2023 club smasher, combines old school jump-style bassline with a catchy melody – all wrapped in real big room sound – this track comes for beautiful memories, fresh energy, and many great parties – just like good friends!

EDM LOVERS is a music project of the two longtime DJs and producers Axel Breckmann and Adrian Koch from Germany, whose passion for powerful club music and techno found a new stream of creativity. With EDM Lovers, they regularly present exciting new and sometimes off-the-main floor tracks for and extra portion of beats and bass in your DJ set.


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