New Promo: MP GREY FEAT. RUDIGER – Let The Music Play

MP GREY FEAT. RUDIGER „Let The Music Play“ – enjoy the good times!

This song is autobiographical! MP Grey is back with his new single “Let The Music Play”. Last fall, MP Grey aka Martin Polle fulfilled a long-held dream and flew to LA to meet his musical companion Rudiger as well as other musicians, producers and sound engineers. They played music, eagerly made plans and simply enjoyed the valuable time together. These experiences inspired MP Grey to write “Let The Music Play”.

The song seems exactly like the travel report it is. He starts “excitedly”, takes his time and floats in the prechorus and develops his full dynamic in the chorus. “Let The Music Play” still finds the time to be musically playful, which is particularly evident through the fill-ins. You can literally see the images of the song and are happy for MP Grey, who is about to make his dream come true. The emotions are again conveyed by Rudiger, who breathes life into them with his smoky voice and also worked on the lyrics.

“Let The Music Play” is again sophisticated AC-Pop, top-produced by Dibs (just like Rudiger from LA), which is suitable for radio and can also work very well on mainstream-oriented playlists.

Since 2020 and the debut “Merged Time”, MP Grey has thrilled fans and critics worldwide and will be able to build on or top his previous successes with “Let The Music Play”.




LABEL: Martin Polle (Templin)