New Promo: MP GREY FEAT. RUDIGER – A Nice Retreat

MP GREY FEAT. RUDIGER „A Nice Retreat“ – subtle critique of human carelessness

MP Grey is back with his new single “A Nice Retreat”. The track is characterized by its complexity. When you first hear it, you only notice the catchiness and groovy-funky playfulness of the song, but “A Nice Retreat” offers more! MP Grey, a.k.a. Martin Polle deals subtly and cynically with climate change. Man longs for a place of retreat, but gradually destroys it himself in his contradictions and his disrespectful behavior towards our planet.

Musically, “A Nice Retreat” is on the usual high level and well produced. The track starts immediately and builds tension. Tight beats, varied synths and a bass that immediately lets the groove skip to the listeners. The song is carried by the unique and hypnotic voice of singer Rudiger from LA, with whom MP Grey has already realized several songs. The single was produced by Dibs, also from LA, who belongs to the standard team for MP Grey Songs. “A Nice Retreat” fits in the radio and is a prime candidate for playlists which appreciate sophisticated, catchy AC music.

Since his debut LP “Merged Time” in 2020, MP Grey has been providing his fans with energetic tracks that have attracted national and international attention from critics. Also they create an appetite for more.


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