New Promo: Hypnosis – Pulstar (Mahmoods Remix)

The 1980s were a golden era for Italo disco and Hypnosis was a band that was one of the icons of this period. Their unforgettable hit “Pulstar” from 1983 inspired an entire decade and left a deep mark in music history.

Now a mysterious producer called Mahmoods is stepping out of the shadows. His obsession with perfection and his keen sense of music have given the Italo classic a remarkable makeover. The new Mahmoods remix of “Pulstar” takes this legendary track on an exciting journey into the present.

Mahmoods gives “Pulstar” a modern touch that captures both the charm of the 80s and the sound aesthetics of today. It’s a bold move that takes this timeless hit to a whole new level. Let yourself be carried away by the hypnotic sounds of this remix and experience how the magic of music transcends time.