New Promo: DELADAP & Wolfgang Lohr FT. Reinwald Kranner & Melinda Stoika – Some Thing Serious

This is something serious…

… is what DELADAP, these fine EDM-Swing pioneers from Vienna must had thought when working on their newest single: what is a serious thing to them is producing and collaboration. Which is why on “Something Serious” they got to combine both and joined forces with not just one but with three fellow artist: Wolfgang Lohr and Melinda Stoika on the production side, making for a modern, vintage-infused sound that captures our current zeitgeist perfectly, and Reinwald Kranner providing flawless, musical-jazz vocals that suit the track like none other.

Thereby they created a surprisingly new variation of what you would expect from a new DELADAP single – by adding for the first time in decades male vocals to their new EDM-swing tune. Rolling sounds meet virtuoso electronic beats, driving basses are mixed with Django acoustic guitars, and the Elvis-like vocals of Reinwald are nicely accompanied and “completed” by Melinda Stoika, once again also co-writer of the new tune.

“Something Serious” is a 1920s love-story embedded into a 2020s sound. Don’t miss out on this one!


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