Gliffo & HeYoMa – Friends Stay Friends


After making waves in various DJ chart lists with their recent “Gliffo Experiment” (“I Want You” Club Mix) in the musical territory of “NuDisco,” featuring the talented artist “HeYoMa,” Gliffo and HeYoMa are now embarking on their first collaborative venture on equal terms.

With the powerful message conveyed in their jointly created track “Friends Stay Friends,” these two projects from Munich and Berlin are sending another NuDisco signal to the DJ scene and fans of funky dance music – infused with a touch of nostalgia from the early 80s but presented in the rich sound of today.

Music producer Jörg Sieghart treats listeners of this successful NuDisco production to a pounding synth bass accompanied by a solid bass drum and funky rhythm guitars in the style of Nile Rodgers, sure to please not only fans of “Chic” but also Motown enthusiasts. So, put on your headphones and savor this nostalgic disco sound paired with today’s finely balanced production finesse. Play it a few times, and you won’t be able to get this catchy earworm of a track out of your head!