New Promo: Talla 2XLC – The Electric Nature

THE ELECTRIC NATURE by ELECTRIC NATURE was first released in 1997 and it has received various remixes. One of them is the top Dj Looney Tunes remix engineered by Mike Push that in 2022 is recreated by TALLA 2XLC  on Technoclub Retro.

The legendary TALLA 2XLC injects his poisonous driving basslines, his thunderous kicks and rough drums creating the right foundation to lead us on the breakdown that starts in cool electro beat style until the massive haunting synthy hook is revealed in its full glory to bring shivers and raise the hair from your back. The climax is full on euphoric hands in the air trancer that is fearful, banging, uplifting and absolutely infectious with melody that stays in your mind for hours.

TALLA 2XLC is trusted to recreate any classic in the finest way by respecting the original and adding his well-known uplifting style. THE ELECTRIC NATURE by TALLA 2XLC is OUT NOW on TECHNOCLUB RETRO.