New Promo: Talla 2XLC – Serenity

That’s Trance is your homebase for high quality trance releases and the next trance weapon ready to bang you hard is Talla 2XLC latest brainchild called Serenity. Once again the trance master delivers the goods with super powerful beats and magnificent melodies to explode out of any proportions. Serenity intro and outro parts contains groovy breaks section followed by tech trance thumping beats and slamming driving basslines until the euphoric synthy riffs are introduced and build the tension to land in the mysterious breakdown.

The synthy hooks are unleashed like bows and swords of hot fire that generate high expectations when the beats and basslines return for that unbelievably anthemic climax. You will enjoy the true meaning of euphoria with millions goosebumps and trillions shivers simultaneously. Bodies and minds will fly up and away so allow yourself to get lost and lifted with Serenity that merges tech, uplifting and retro trance elements brilliantly. Get now Talla 2XLC mega uplifter Serenity out on That’s Trance.